Accounts Payable:

  • Advance Request
    This form is used for Travel, General Advances, Hobbie Trust, Janet MacDonald, Oscar McCullough, Research Grant advances for faculty, staff and currently enrolled students requesting an advance of funds.
  • Advance – Expense Report
    This form is used to return money not spent from original advance or request payment in addition to the original advance for Travel, General Advance, Hobbie Trust, Janet MacDonald, Oscar McCullough, Research Grants, etc.
  • Check Request – Hollins
    This form is used to pay employee reimbursements, travel, internships, stipends and awards for Hollins faculty, staff and currently enrolled students.
  • Check Request – Independent Contractors
    This form is used to pay independent contractors for professional services, modeling, guest speakers, honorarium fees and reimbursements.
  • Check Request – Vendor Only
    This form is used to pay vendors. These payments will be processed by TPC and checks will not be held for pick-up. If you have remittance advices that in the past have been included with the check, please reach out to your vendor and see if this information can be sent separately from the payment itself since we are using TPC to process payments, we are not allowed to include any attachments with the payments.
  • Direct Deposit AP Form
    This form would be used by Independent Contractors wishing to receive their payment via direct deposit.
  • W-9 Form
    This form is required of any new vendor (excluding Nonresident Aliens, they are required to contact the Business Office before any payments can be processed) providing a service or when requesting payment of an honorarium. An updated W-9 form should be submitted for a vendor with any change in tax information/address. A W-9 form ensures the collection of accurate/updated information that is signed/verified by the vendor. Also, as yearly audit regulations become more extensive having this information will be pertinent to keep us in compliance with all accounting and IRS regulations.

Miscellaneous Forms:

Payroll Forms

Student Forms: